Submitting Ads to The Pale

Greetings good people of the Middle, from your friendly Editor of The Pale.
It is very important for all Event Stewards and Seneschals to remember that if your event is possibly going to have any of the things listed below this missive that you MUST get a Ad for your event the The Pale.

These Ads should, at the latest be two me 2 months before your event so that they can be placed in the issue one month prior to your event (e.g. if you have a September event, you need to get it to me by July 25th so that they appear in the August issue). There are dates for these deadlines on the Kingdom Calendar.

EVENT NOTICES (ads) must be published in The Pale for events at which any of the following occur:

  • crown and coronet tournaments
  • coronations and investitures
  • appointment of kingdom or principality officers
  • presentation of awards and titles
  • proclamation of law
  • establishment or advancement of branches.

These activities cannot take place unless a complete event notice appears in The Pale, the Middle Kingdom newsletter, at least once before the date of the event. The publication requirement may only be waived in extraordinary circumstances, such as a natural disaster.

I do my best to contact groups when I catch that they have an event that the Crown is coming to, but sometimes things get missed. If you have questions, need some information or help creating your Event Notices (Ads) or have any concerns, I am always available to help. You can reach me at [email protected].

Library of Documents for The Pale include:

  • Submission Guidelines for Content and Event Notices (Ads) in The Pale
  • Quarter Page Ad Template
  • Half Page Ad Template

Thank you all for you conitinued assistance in helping us make sure everyone has wonderful events, and that the chronicle of our Kingdom continues to be the archive of information within The Pale.

Editor of The Pale (2018-2022) – al-Shyka JahanAra amat al-Hafeeza

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