Welcome to the Middle Kingdom HelpDesk

The Middle Kingdom Helpdesk is responsible for providing assistance with the kingdom website and other internet technologies, such as the Services Portal and officer emails.

What is the Middle Kingdom Helpdesk?

The Middle Kingdom Helpdesk is exactly what is sounds like. We are a group of people (all volunteers) pooled together to assist the Kingdom Webminister in keeping the technology running smoothly in the Kingdom. There are multiple tiers to the team that start with the Helpdesk Team and work up to the Kingdom Webminister.

The Helpdesk team is who you will be connecting with first via this page for ALL issues and concerns. We can help with:

  • Website updates
  • Adding document to the Middle Kingdom Library
  • Email resets, assignments and creations
  • Just letting us know when you find something broken
  • Assistance in any way with the various Kingdom Websites (the main and help with any group site on our server)
  • Service Portal items (reporting, award recs, access and login)
  • Other Portals (Peerage, A&S, Cartography, RUM, etc.)
  • Newcomers – if you are new and need to be connected with any of welcome people to get your sorted, we have one of our Regional Newcomer people (Chatelains) on our team.

Current Issues and Announcements

  • No current known downtimes. (5/7/2024)
  • Help Navigating SCA-rs Registration systemAt every event run under the new SCAR system there has been at least one incidence of gentles turning up without registration. The issue appears to be where technology meets people. We have put together a guide to help you ensure that you are registered for the event. If you are in need of an even more detailed ‘step by step’ you can also look at the SCA-rs: Event Registration System User Guide.

How to use the Help Desk website

All initial concerns should go through the Help Desk if possible.

If the Kingdom Webminister is needed to assist with the issues, we will send your emails up the chain to them or a member of our devlopment team.

So many things, however, can be handled by the Middle Kingdom Help Desk team. We can help you with the Kingdom Websites, the Document Library (updates and issues), group Websites on the Midrealm server, Peerage Portals, Middle Kingdom email concerns, Officer transfers, Service Portal assistance (including officer assignments, reporting, award recs, etc.), Google docs, forms, and sheets. We are also glad to assist in any general troubleshooting you may need with browsers, etc.

Our Helpdesk has a variety of people on it, including the Kingdom Chronicler, Kingdom Cartographer, Calendar Secretary, Regional Chatelaines, and direct access to many of the other Kingdom officers.

What we don’t do at the Kingdom Helpdesk

There isn’t a lot that we can’t help with, but there are a few departments that we ask you go to directly with your questions.

  • Clerk of the Roster – Barones Isabel Taylor – Please contact Baroness Isabel directly for things regarding your Authorization or the Marshal Authorization Database.
  • Editor of The Pale Lady Claricia de la Mere- Lady Claricia produces the Middle Kingdom’s Montly Newsletter The Pale. Please contact her directly for anything regarding The Pale so that she can work with you directly.
  • Kingdom Jobs Openings – While you can go through the Help Desk to get these published on the website, if you use the form on the Kingdom Jobs page, it will also submit your request to the Editor of The Pale. This way you can also have your job posted in the Kingdom Newsletter. If you don’t want to use the form, just be sure to copy both the helpdesk and the Pale Editor on your Job Posting email.

Latest News and Information